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How to Celebrate Public Service Recognition Week

Apr 17, 2023

Public service recognition week is the perfect time to let the selfless person in your life know that you care. Public service workers are often a bit more overworked than the average 9-5er and don’t get the typical corporate pay, which is why setting aside a little extra time or money for that personalized gift is a fun way to celebrate these essential worker bees.

This year, public service recognition week falls between May 7th and May 13th, so we recommend adding a little springtime/summer merriment into your gift ideas. Whether that be with an outside celebration, a full spring clean, or a revitalizing spa day, we’re here for the all the blooming celebrations and gift ideas for our public service workers.

At Choose-Your-Gift, there are few people we love more than our public service workers, which is why we’ve put together an entire public service worker gift guide that you can use this May when trying to find the perfect gift for that awesome someone.

medical workers as superheroes

Our Ultimate Public Service Worker Gift Guide

Need to find the perfect public service worker gift? We’ve got you covered with an entire, dedicated gift guide that’s customized to each and every job description. Now, this isn’t static – feel free to change up your gifts or find suggestions in the other categories that best fits the unique individual you’re shopping for.

Just know, whatever gift you choose, the public service worker in your life will truly appreciate it.

The Best Gifts for Education Workers

Where would we be without our amazing education workers? Often overworked and underpaid, these insightful, creative humans are the reason we all know what the energy powerhouse of a cell is and they deserve to be celebrated!

Gift ideas for teacher's vacation

For education workers, we recommend travel or leisure gifts. As most teachers have the summers off, they can use these gifts to see the world and escape for a bit. The options are also endless with a travel gift - choose from great, simple gifts like a brand-new suitcase to bigger gifts like a resort trip. Either way, this is the perfect gift for the teacher or educator in your life.

The Best Gifts for Healthcare Workers

While we should celebrate our healthcare workers every day, taking the time to do it on public service worker week is also a wonderful way to recognize these amazing individuals! Those in the healthcare field work long hours and don’t nearly get the recognition they deserve for the stressful and emotional draining work they do.

doctor relaxing after a long day

That’s why, this week, we’re suggesting the best of the best for our healthcare workers with luxurious, relaxing gifts they can use to unwind and de-stress. Health and beauty gifts as well as recreation/leisure gifts are the perfect way to say thank you for all the work that you do.

For even more gift ideas for healthcare workers, check out our dedicated blog post on Nurses Week celebration gift ideas!

The Best Gifts for Military Personnel

Military workers have diverse and challenging jobs, often taking them away from family and friends for long periods of time! To celebrate these heroic workers, we recommend choosing a gift that’s fun and exciting, like a food and beverage gift or a video game gift! These uplifting gifts are the perfect way to thank our military members for their service.

military worker with family

The Best Gifts for Safety Workers

Safety workers like police officers, firefighters, and emergency transport workers are often put into dangerous and life-threatening situation, which is why celebrating them each and everyday is a must. However, on public service workers day, taking the time to purchase a gift that shows how much you care is an awesome way to give back to our trusted community heroes.

recognizing firefighters on duty

As well as fun gifts like travel and leisure gifts, choosing a home furnishing gift that offers exceptional home comfort for a safety worker is the perfect way to unwind and let go of the day-to-day stressors of the job.

Find the Perfect Gift at Choose-Your-Gift!

Want even more gift ideas for public service workers? Check out the extensive gift selection guide we have at Choose-Your-Gift and find the exact celebratory gift that’s right for you!

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